Can't add grace notes

Hi guys,

I have a strange problem: I can’t add grace notes in my current project. When I select the grace note function on the left panel and try to add a note, it only adds “normal” notes. This problem occurs on every instrument and flow within the project. I already tried to import the flow into a new project, but nothing changed.
When I create a new project from scratch, the grace note function works. Last solution would be to rebuild my existing project from scratch and then copy/paste all notes. But I’d be really happy if anyone has a better/faster solution!

Thank you!

Select the grace-note. Check: write-mode | common | scale.
It must be =“grace”.

And check engrave-option: grace note scale faktor, see picture.

Entering a Grace note is also analogous to entering a Tuplet in that you actually have to be completely ready to input… in other words, you must be able to see the orange caret and the grid in the bar in question; you also have to have selected the note value - e.g. a quaver/eighth note - which the grace note will use.

@Piano-EK: Thanks! This way I can at least turn “normal” notes into grace notes. But the usual way (clicking on the grace symbol on the left panel) still doesn’t work.

@MarkSealey: Everything is as you described except that I don’t get a grace note at the end.

I made a small gif for everybody to understand my problem…
The grace note symbol automatically unchecks itself as soon as I click to add a note, no matter where I am in the score.

If you are adding a grace note, are you in Input mode?

well, that did the trick! thanks man!

still strange, cause everything else also works outside ‘input mode’

Yes - mouse entry cannot be used for grace notes or tuplets. You also cannot use the shortcut / for grace notes or shortcut ; for tuplets unless the grid and caret are showing. I am not sure if this is intended behavior or if there is an underlying reason for this exclusion.

First double-click on the note, after then make click on 1/8 and grace mark button.
Only now go to note and then you can insert grace-note.