Can't add new Input channel to Input/Output folder

Dear All,

I’m having a problem trying to add a new input channel to an existing project.

When I add the new input bus via VST connections, the new channel appears in the MixConsole windows but not inside the input/output folder.

ALSO, there’s no ‘select colour’ arrow on the channel.
ALSO, it doesn’t appear in the track list on the project window although it does appear in the mix console.

When I look in the visibility settings on the mix console, the track is there but outside the input/output channel folder. I can’t find any way to move it into this folder.

I’m probably missing something very simple but I really would appreciate some advice.

Many thanks

Activate the write automation for the track in Mixconsole and it will appear in track list.


Thank you very much for your speedy and very helpful reply.

Best wishes