Can't adjust Y offset in Engrave Mode of selected symbol (is this a bug?)

See attached:

I’m presuming since it’s selectable here in Engrave Mode and I can then choose “Offset” and set Y to a number (such as 15 as I have it here), that it SHOULD have an effect on the repeat symbol I’ve selected. However, it hasn’t budged. Is this a bug? How else could I achieve moving that repeat symbol upwards ( would have thought that it would just move in Engrave Mode without any special Property setting anyway, but it does not).


  • D.D.

Bar repeat regions can’t be moved up and down. The bit of the properties panel where Common Offsets are seems to be standardised, and there are plenty of items that can’t be moved using the offsets: slurs, bar numbers, clefs, notes, rests, bar repeats… I don’t see that this can really be described as a bug.

It’s a bug that one can enter a number in this field, right, since the object doesn’t respect this property? It should be deactivated in this case.

I’d speculate that it’s a) not a priority to deactivate these offset fields where they don’t apply and b) it would open a can of worms if they were deactivated: currently, if you select a bunch of text and happen to also select a slur, then set offsets, the text will move and the slur will stay put. (Continuing to speculate,) The current UI architecture is such that if a property isn’t relevant to one selected item, it can’t be shown for the group of selected items. Thus if these offsets were removed from the panel for some items, it would be impossible to set them for a group of items where the offsets are relevant to some (but not all) of the selected items. See the problem?

High5ths. A but is not something that doesn’t work the way you want it to. It’s something that doesn’t work the way it was intended to. Since we don’t know at this point whether this is working as intended, it’s impossible so far to know whether it’s a bug.


Notwithstanding all of the above (and regardless of whether it’s technically a “bug”), I would say that if you are able to select something and the corresponding Property box option appears immediately below and allows you to type in (in this case) a Y offset, and then this doesn’t actually do anything, at the least this would cause confusion (so might be something to address down the line). My two cents of course.

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It’s not a bug, but I agree that it’s a shame that bar repeats cannot currently be offset vertically, and we’ll think about how this might be achieved in future. It’s non-trivial because each individual bar repeat symbol doesn’t actually exist, and is instead rather given rise to by the ongoing bar repeat region, so there is no individual item in which to store the property. This doesn’t make it impossible but it requires a lot more infrastructure to get, set and respect such an offset.

Create a notehead set with the 1-bar repeat as the only symbol. Enter a note in the bar at the line or space where you want the symbol. In 4/4, putting a dotted 16th rest on beat 2 and a 32nd note after will get you pretty close, although not quite perfect. Apply your 1-bar notehead set to the note. Hide the stem, mute the note, and remove rests.

^^^ Top system is an actual 1-bar repeat, bottom system is the workaround.

Wow - thanks.