Can't archive some audio files

Hello group

It sometimes happens that I can’t get all my audio files in the audio folder after preparing archive/conform files:
The pool says all files are conformed and that it is ready for archive, but I still see files in a different folder (this one it is called ‘Media’) than the audio folder…

Do I miss something?

Best, Alan

Does the “Media” folder reside inside the Main Project folder?
If so, when you archive the whole project folder, you will have all files
associated with this project.

If the media folder is not in the main project folder, but somewhere else
on some other drive, and the “Prepare Archive” function does not copy those
files to the main project audio folder… you could have a network rights issue,
or a full drive, or some corruption in your project, etc.

If all else fails you can “bounce” the problem files, thus creating NEW files
that should end up in your main project’s audio folder.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes it does, so that makes sense. I thought archiving it should always place every audio file in one folder, the audio folder. But if I understand you correctly files can be in a different folder as long as they are in a project folder together with the audio folder and the project file?



If the media lives on another drive, or in some other project’s audio folder it will/should copy into your working project’s audio folder. Honestly I have never tested the idea of having more than 1 folder with audio files in them living within the project’s main folder. That would be worth trying here as a test.

All I meant was, if you were going to copy or burn off an archive of this project…As long as everything related to the project lives in the main project folder, it would be included in the archive & the npr would know how/where to find the files.