Can't audition samples from the list from right hand selection zone

Hi everyone,

Having a problem, when I open the right hand zone to select, lets say a drum sample, when I click on the sample name I don’t get any sound. I have to drag the sample to the arrange window and press play to hear what it is. I have the auto audition button selected but I’m still not hearing anything. I’m wasting a lot of time this way. Would be so much easier to just click on the sample and have it play rather than drag it into the arrange window. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Dave


Open Audio Connections (VST Connections). In the Control Room (Studio) tab enable Control Room and add Monitor 1 Bus. In the Outputs tab set the Stereo Ot to Not Connected.

All Previews are routed to Monitor 1 Bus.

Great got it sorted out, thanks so much…