can't burn CD titles

Wavelab 7.01. No instructions in all the manuals. I’ve burned 3 versions of a CD and I keep getting track 1, track 2, etc. Then titles show up in the setup section but not on the CD. Also no place to put the title of the CD. Another Steinberg continues to do 95% of the job and leaves out the basic instructions on how to use thier overcomplicated software.

Firstly, current version is 7.1, not 7.01. You should update.
Then, if you want help, you need to give more detailed information.

I am on the latest version. 7.1 build 543. Does this version support track names? How do I turn it on or make it work. I’m pissed off because I spent two hours searching the documentation typing in track names and found nothing coherent. Now its 2 days later and I’m getting attitude from the developer. I’m just trying to use the product I payed over $700 for over the last 10 years.

There is no concept of Track name with Audio CDs, but of CD-Text. Are you speaking about CD-Text?
Do you know what an Audio Montage is? If you want to create an Audio CD, the best is to create an Audio Monateg and uset the CD Wizard from the CD Tool window.

I borrowed a CD from a friend. I imported the songs into Wavelab and saved them in a directory. They did not have track names or CD-text. I had Wavelab get the names of the songs from the Freedb feature on the internet. (Chasing the Gypsy by James Carter). I opened the Basic Audio CD tool from Wavelab. The names appeared accurately on the songs. Everything looked good. I put a blank CD in my drive and selected “Write Audio CD.” the CD burned and plays fine but when I play it in my car, Windows Media player and another media player on my pc. The tracks are called track 1, track 2, etc.

I would prefer not to get into the Audio Montage feature if at all possible. It appears complicated and designed for more than just burning a CD. I also have Roxio on my Pc and will probably use it if Wavelab 7 is not capable of doing this feature easily. It seemed like it was supposed to write the track names or CD-Text but just did not get it on the CD.

I apologize for my abupt comments earlier. I’m just frustrated with all the research and reading I have to do for such a simple task.

The Audio Montage is necessary if you want to burn CD Text.

It might be helpful to put that in the documentation so people don’t spend hours and burning up blank CD’s to find this out. You know I take it back, I have had this program for over a decade and it has many fine features, but half the stuff asssumes your a professional and already know how to use it. I know your the developer of this product, but you have consistently had negative attitude toward your customers and and write very inferior documentation. It would be nice to see someone who cares buy you out and takeover this product.

Just for the record. I tried using the Audio Montage also as documented. It did not work. I plan to send our correspondance to Steinbergs CEO. I’m tired of your attitude and buggy software.

Be sure to include your first post, where you don’t even ask one question. You come in with an attitude - attitude is what you get. If at all, because PG may seem a bit curt, but actually he’s just to the point. And you really spent $ 700,- on mastering software just to burn a copy of a CD with CD-text?

Luck, Arjan

I’m very curious to know why the OP chose to buy Wavelab in the first place…

Windows Media Play does not read CD Text, but read titles from commercial CDs Table of Contents. Even if you burn a CD with CD Text, you won’t see track names in WMP.

Do I understand you use WaveLab for the “last 10 years”, and you don’t use Audio Montages?

At least in Elements CD-Text has to be activated, when importing CDs.
Also there’s a specific spot for the title of the CD (hit “T”) picture 2.

I was finally able to make it work on my CD player in car. Using the Audio Montage. thanks Marco for the assistance.This issue is closed.

I have sympathy here. Don’t sound so suprised someone who has used Wavelab for so long does not use montage. I have also been using Wavelab for as long and have never had the need to use montage. I mix in cubase and do all multitrack work there.

I’m sure montage can do brilliant things but when you just want to burn a CD fast like I did a couple of nights ago it left me scratching my head. I ended up opening WL6 and doing it there. I’m sure it’s quite simple and when I’m not in a rush I will take a look.

It’s very frustrating when something like that changes and easy for someone to get angry. Lets not judge others and hold hands up in disbalife because someone doesn’t use montage.

Take it easy everyone :unamused:

I appreciate your comments. I also use Cubase for recording and mixing. Wavelab started out for me as just an audio editor. I’m happy it has all this other professional functionality, but not very excited when they can’t finish the basic functionality and write better documentation. It has gotten better but it asssumes you already know how these features are to be used. As an example, Ie’v also never been able to do anything useful with the spectrum analyzer. No big deal. I’m sure they are doing the best they can.

I am having trouble with the DDP Image function in WL 7.1. From montage I ask to have a DDP made, but the resulting files - Image.dat, checksum.mds, checksum.txt, DDPid, and DDPms will not open the DDP when asked to import into wavelab. Are these the correct files? How can I import them successfully into wavelab? If there is a readme, please let me know where to find it. Any other help will be appreciated. The Help file in wavelab did not help solve my problem. Also, is there an easy to make a .cd file as in wavelab 6? :open_mouth:

To import, you have to use Audio Montage > File > Import > DDP

PG, thanks for the reply. When I ask ti import DDP in Montage and go to the folder that I saved the DDP in, there is no file listed. Only the files with the extensions I mentioned (not listed when I ask to import, only when I open the folder through Windows), but when I ask to import DDP, the folder is blank. What should be the extension I am looking for? Should I see a DDP extension on a file? If nothing shows up, how should I troubleshoot? I would like this to work correctly for me. If ther is any other information you need, please let me know. :frowning:

When you import a DDP, you must select a folder, not a specific file (you won’t see files anywhere).



  1. Open Write Audio CD in (CD tab)
  2. Select DDP Image under Device
  3. Destination folder (create specific name for the DDP)
    like “DDP test”
  4. Write DDP Image

Import DDP Image
5. Go to File > Import > Audio DDP Image…
6. Select a valid DDP folder like “DDP test”
7. check with original Montage

Burn DDP Image
8.Utilities > Burn Audio CD from DDP Image…

regards S-EH