Can't change metronome

CB 11Pro
This has got to be simple.
I cant change the metronome pattern
I have a signature track, put a 4/4 marker, go to metronome setup, click on double time, or half time, and the click pattern never changes.


I have the same problem

It’s not as simple as you might think. For this example, Do NOT go through the menu: Transport>Metronome Setup. You can - to customize the sounds and create custom patterns, but you just want the basics to start:…
1- Create a Signature Track.
2- Assign a Time Signature (example: 5/4)
3- Expand the metronome icon in CB by clicking the 3 dots if needed.
4- Click on the center where the dash-pattern is.
5- The drop down will show the patterns only for 5/4 to chose from.
6- In that same small window you can click on the diamonds to change the pattern. The diamonds are not click and drag. Click the bottom line to mute that click-beat. Click the higher lines to get higher click-tones.
7- If those patterns don’t work for you, click the “e” icon of the metronome to open the menu where you can create and name your own patterns.


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