Can't change Pre to Post faders and vice-versa for inserts, What am I missing?

Using Elements 11
Reading the help 2 ways to change inserts from pre to post etc. Move the green Line and ricght click (Context Menu).

But I don’t have either? No green Line and no option when right clicking.

I understand Elements allows 6 pre and 2 post but I cannot alter them I have 4 Pre and 4 post and cannot seem to work it out how to change that.

Please Help?

Can I add it would be great if we had unlimted inserts in reality. But I understand only owning Elements I think as we have 8 slots we can make them all pre or all post or a mix. Not sure why we are lmiited to 6. Well 4 for me lol. Does the Pro version of cubase have unlimited inserts?