Can't Change Scale Root Note using the Info Line

I just added a Scale Event which defaults to C Major and I wanted it to be G. However when I tried to change it via the Info Line it wouldn’t change to any other Note. But if I double+click on the Scale Event I can change it there. This video shows it happening. And although its not in the video, I can change the Scale to Minor, Blues, etc. just fine in the Info Line.


I experience the same exact behavior on my machine. Upgraded to Cubase 13 a couple of days ago.

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I have just stumbled upon this issue as well. It still persists in Cubase 13.0.30 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
@Martin.Jirsak, could you, please, report it to Steinberg? Thank you in advance!


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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The issue remains in 13.0.41

Since it got reported less than a month ago, I’d be super surprised if it was fixed in .41.

One can hope… :wink: