Can't change the color of Extensions in chord symbols

Hello, me again :wink:

(edit: yes the ‘567’ and ‘2j’ extension are not valid ones I know :upside_down_face:)

In the (different) Chord windows in Dorico I can change almost anything in my chord symbols.

The Root, chord tones and extensions directly after the root (6,7,9,11,13 etc), also maj, min, and so forth can be changed to whatever I want and be made in different colors and I can even make different options like “maj7” or the triangle and give them a unique appearance.

But I cannot change the color (or choose different variations for the extensions between parentheses. I can even change the (color of the) parentheses themselves, what am I not seeing?

Have you tried selecting the chord symbol (in Write mode or Engrave mode) and then setting a color in Properties? This would probably set the same color for the whole chord symbol, though. That might not be what you want.

making an entire chord green is no problem :slight_smile:

Certain types of music symbols do not respond to being coloured: if I recall correctly, glyphs support it, while text items don’t. Sorry for the inconsistency in Dorico’s behaviour in this area.

Obviously the Playing Techniques (and Music Symbols) editor seems to be using much of the same code, but it does seems odd that changing the color in it will change the color in the sidebar, but not in the actual score. If anything, I would assume the opposite would be more important. Not a feature I’ve ever wanted to use, but as I was poking around with it, it does seem like a reverse of priorities, as I don’t really care what it looks like in the sidebar, only in the score.

I’m not going to re-hash it as I know you’re aware, but it would be great if these various editors that share the same code base could have customized implementations that are specific to the job at hand. I had never attempted to modify the extension color as @Jayas has but obviously that would fall under the same category as all the requests here. Having a chord editor that defaults to chord-specific settings would certainly be a time saver for me anyway!

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All items respond to color if you add them by hand, doesn’t matter if it’s a glyph or text.
I added text ‘2jaja’ in red and a glyph ‘♭’ in blue without a problem. Only the color of the existing ‘add9’ cannot be changed.

Does it have to do something with there not being any components? (the ‘plus’ and ‘edit’ button don’t work)

as you can see now I was only fiddling with what works and what not but I use these options mainly for assignments, exercises and tests. It’s really nice to be able to work with color (Finally! (pun intended)) after working many years with Finale

it’s the ‘composites’ that can’t have a color I guess