Can't change the sample rate

So I’m trying to change the sample rate of my projects and audio setup to 48khz and change the resolution to 24 bit.

But what happens is that if I change the project sample rate to 48khz, it asks me if I want to adjust the project sample rate because the asio sample rate is not the same. However if I go to the device setup and try to change the sample rate for my audio there, it lets me select 48 khz, but doesn’t actually seem to keep those changes as it simply reverts back to 44.1.

Any suggestions why this happens and how to fix that?
I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Cubase 7.5.20, Windows 8.1.


Have you set the sample rate to 48k in the focusrite mix control software so your interface is also running at 48k? Don’t know if it’s the same set up as my saffire pro 24, but the sample rate was locked if there were any audio apps running.

Focusrite website says that the 2i4 doesn’t have enough in and outputs so there’s no need for the mix control, hence it’s not compatible with it. The only way to do that is to change it in the audio preferences in my DAW, which is strange because it doesn’t work. In Windows all I can change is the buffer length under focusrite audio control center. And in Windows audio devices there are o ly a selection of 16 bit with various sample rates.