Can't Change UR44 Levels In Cubase 10

Hoping someone can assist with this issue.
I have a bass connected to CH4 but don’t get any sound.
How do I adjust the UR44 channel 4 levels when I’m working in Cubase 10??
The UR44 App is greyed out and cant move any channel sliders and the Cubase hardware sliders doesn’t change anything on the mixer.

Screen shot:

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

You need to display the Hardware Channels in the Cubase Mix Console. The Dsp Mix app is not used in Cubase. The UR has a built in control.
The UR Manual should explain if needed…

There are also the input volume controls on the front of the device.

Thanks for the replies! Issue is resolved.
I checked the suggestions mentioned but still could not get any sound.
It ended up being the Studio>Audio Connection>INPUTS were somehow re-assigned to different Busses.
The project was imported from a backup on another PC and even though I’m using the same UR44 the Input assignments got all messed up.

Really appreciate the help!

Ha! Been there!