Can't change velocity in Play Editor

Hi Guys,

anyone else experienced this:
I can’t change the velocity of a note in the play editor. Velocity is set to 64 and can’t be changed.
Sometimes it works again after I changed to Write and back to Play, sometimes I have to restart Dorico.

Have a nice day.
Dorico Editor.gif

Thanks for reporting this. I’m unable to reproduce this on demand. If you have a project in which you can reliably reproduce the problem, please zip it up and attach it here, together with details of where in the project the problem can be reproduced.

I was able to reproduce the issue. However not sure if we are in the same context.
If no instrument is selected in the dropdown list, indeed it’s not possible to change note velocity.
See attachement.

Hope this helps

This is another weird comportement:
when the first bar is selected and moved, it’s the second one that moves.
when the 2nd bar is selected and moved, it’s the third one that moves. (360 KB)

Thanks for these reports, Stephane. I find that the first problem you show, where edits to velocities don’t get preserved if no endpoint is chosen for the instrument, no longer occurs in our development builds. The second problem you show, whereby at very low zoom levels the mouse tracking of individual notes is offset, is reproducible for me here, and I’ll make a note of this as something for us to try to fix in future. For the time being, a simple hit of Z to zoom in one step should alleviate the problem.

thought it must just be worth mentioning that another user has just had a similar problem to this and after I finally spotted that all three instruments were on the same channel, I then came across this thread. It looks like the checking the channel and instrument allocation should be the first port of call when encountering problems adjusting the velocity. I suspect in many cases, it will be imported MIDI or MusicXML files