Can't connect to inbuilt audio cubase 12

Monterey 12.2
Mac Book pro 14 in 2021
cubase pro 12.0.20 build 263

For some reason I can’t connect to inbuilt audio - it is selected as the ASIO driver in Audio System - it also appears as a drop down audio device option in output and control room in audio connections - when I try and select it it reverts to not connected - It was working fine yesterday so I am not sure what I have done wrong.
I was using Dorico this morning but that is closed down and I don’t think there is anything else running that might need and audio driver

This isn’t working for me either. Never had this problem before


Could you try to restart the computer, please?

Hi Martin,

As you can see I actually registered this problem on the 4th May - so I have done quite a lot of restarting my computer since then. Actually it is so long ago I had actually forgotten I had left the post. Since then I added a studio monitor which seem to give a whole range of new unexpected problems - cubase not even seeing my UR22c - although all other programmes work with it fine. And cubase not registering midi in from my midi keyboards - despite them working fine with other programmes(Live, Logic, Studio One). after a number of hours of trying things it seemed that for some reason attaching the new monitor meant that I had to run the security hack outlined on the Cubase website again - and now it all seems to be working again

i had the very same issue… my solution was:
in the “studio setup” select built-in audio → here check if the left and right outs are present in the list. if not click on “Control Panel” → here activate the checkbox for the output.


THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!:pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5:
This solution resolved my issue.

YES! It’s work :slight_smile: