Can't connect to Steinberg

Anybody having trouble connecting to Steinberg in VST Connect? My client is in Cali and me in Nashville - neither one of us can log in

We’ll check. You can use the ID method if login fails. Click the ID item and report that number to the Performer, have him click ID and input that number exactly like provided (incl. blank).

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They have to be online for that to work. And none of us can get online. Keep getting a “550 Login Failed” or “Server not available”. Ugh ugh

Don’t understand that. If you want to do remote recording, you’ll have to be online…?

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yes, both the performer and me have to be online to connect. But it appears Steinberg’s servers are down because nobody can connect. It’s weird because Steinberg’s website is working fine.

Services should be back online, sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes it came back on after about two hours. Whew! I had my client downloading a trial version of Cubase and I prepped a cpr song with everything set up so she could record her vocals by herself. I always find a workaround. Haha.