Can't control timing of multi hairpin Dynamics


I’m trying to get multi-harpin in one long note and control the dynamics and timing of it in the
key editor.

If I make a whole note and 3 hairpins (crescendo diminuendo)
They are automatically set and can’t be moved to the left or the right individually.

I need to make 3 with one hairpin on each half note and tie them.

Is it possible to do the same thing with one whole note?

Also if I start with mezzo forte I can’t move the hairpin to a lower volume as mf.

It looks as if you created messa di voce hairpins rather than individual hairpins, and those are by their nature more limited in terms of the edits that are possible (you can essentially change only the middle dynamic).

If you want complete flexibility about how the dynamics will be played back, I’d suggest drawing in some dynamics manually using either the pencil or line tools. You can “overwrite” the printed dynamics in the score in this way: the dynamics in the score will remain where they are, but Dorico will play the custom dynamics you have drawn in their place in the Dynamics editor.

Hello dspreadbury ,

Thank you for your reply.

As I post this topic and didn’t upload the file,
I don’t remember exactly what I did.

I don’t know about messa di voce hairpins so it might not been using it.

Editing dynamics manually, as I wrote in another thread is very hard on Dorico.

It is better to close this thread now, and if I found the same case,
I might post something.

Thank you :grinning: