Can't control where Grand 3 puts install files

Description: Working with the downloaded Grand 3 (Upgrade from Grand 3 SE). Have been trying unsuccessfully for days to install both application and samples on my D: drive rather than my C: drive (OS system drive). Have followed directives in manual and wherever offered options to browse to a specific drive for installation, have pointed to the D: drive instead. Regardless, the install program attempts to put the 30 GB or so of samples on my C: where I do not want them to be.

Also all of the required install processes are literally taking like 10 hrs each time…and I have a fairly powerful CPU (i7) with adequate RAM (12 GB).

Would appreciate help with both of these items, in particular the issue about where the files are installed

Thanks very much

You can just locate the sound files, cut and paste them to a folder you name on your d: drive then when you open the grand direct it to that folder for the sound files.

I use SSD drives which install much faster, probably 1 hour, so I did not experience the long install you mention.

Thanks CWS,

I discovered this accidentally while working the issue…but now I have another issue that stops me from availing myself of this solution i.e. despite multiple full uninstalls and cleaning up all references to the Grand that I can find (including an exhaustive search and delete session in the registry) the application keeps using a previous instance of my telling it where to look for content to load some of the .vstsound files, thus making it almost impossible to use the application properly…

Additionally it appears to to making Cubase8.5 Pro hang almost everytime I use it LOL…

See this:

Hope this helps