Can't copy/move automation of the group track

I select the automation I draw and recorded but I can’t move or copy those points. Also it just completely disappears when moved. In audio tracks automation it is possible to do. Any tips?

Found workaround, you can draw same and copy automation from audio track to group, this way its doable to eg. repeat automation on group track. I think it’s a bug, how inconvenient… I do a lot of automation on busses! The copying and moving automation should be doable…

Srsly no one? Bump

I have a similar issue but worked out that if I move the track down the list, it works as expected. If the track is at the top (below Stereo Out), it doesn’t copy or paste automation as you say.

Hi, that’s a known issue :

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Cheers @Louis_R,

Let’s hope it will be fixed soon. Otherwise not a big deal, as long as there is a workaround.

is there a way to copy automation in the track “Stereo Out” from one spot to an other spot in the same track? Can’t do that for some reason. Is this the same bug? If yes, is there a workaround?