Can't copy/paste drum part from one project to another (Dorico 3.5)

I’ve created a new project, imported a .xml file which loads correctly and copied the drum part.

If I paste it to another brand new project loaded with the same drum kit and percussion maps, the resulting copied notes are incorrect

Copied bars:

Pasted bars:
Schermata 2022-06-06 alle 09.39.24

Please tell me there is a solution for this

I guess there must be some differences between the setup of the drum kit between the two projects. If you look in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog in each project, do the same instruments appear at the same staff positions?

in the .xml drumset there are definately more instruments but the instruments the two drum kits have in common are in the same staff positions:

.xml project drumset

new project

I suggest you export the drum kit from the XML-produced project and import it into the other project.

I’ve downloaded the trial version of Dorico 4.

I’ve exported the drum kit as you’ve suggested and things are a little better but still far to be ok

copied drum part from .xml

pasted drum part into new project (with exported drum kit loaded)

as you can see, in the .xml the beaming is a little weird; in the copied part there are wrong headnotes, snare notes moved to another voice and it is transposed 1 line up

for reference, in the original Sibelius project the part looks like this:
Schermata 2022-06-07 alle 23.30.23