Can't create a new project. Help Please

I try to start a new project in C10 and I get the message found in this dialog:
Blank C10.PNG
I can’t find “Blank C10” anywhere on my system. This happens when I try to start any Cubase template or my own custom templates.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Thx

BTW: The C10 templates folder does not have a “Blank C10” template in it. It appears that C10 is looking for templates in the wrong location anyway. Could not find a preference to change this.

In the hub, at the bottom right, you probably have checked, “Use Default Location…” and have that folder address there (F:\Songs\Labs and Tests\Blank C10). I am guessing that F:\ is a removable drive. When you create a new project, it is trying to create a project folder there but it can’t find it. Either plug the drive back in or change the default project folder to something it can find. Or, you can check “Prompt for Project Folder Location…” and it will ask you for it each time you create a new project.

Thanks for that Jaslan but it turns out I needed to trash my preferences. That did the trick.

Yes because trashing the preferences resets the default project path. Glad you got it sorted out!