Can't create frame

The intructions on how to input a frame mention a switch to enable this, but I can’t find it. The video shows one at the top of the left panel, but I don’t seem to have one, and without it I’m unable to add a frame. Where am I going wrong?

The left panel of Engrave mode was redesigned for (I think) Dorico 2, and my suspicion is that you’re watching a very old video. You need to now click which type of frame you want, and then draw it onto the page by clicking and dragging.

The current help page has ‘activate frames’ as an instruction, and I have to say I’d thought that was a reference to the (now obsolete) switch. But I still can’t get the click-and-drag to work - I click and hold the icon showing a frame with ‘abc’ in it, move the mouse to the page and release the mouse button, but nothing seems to appear (there’s nothing ‘loaded’ onto the mousetip in the meantime, either). Is there somewhere where I might have inadvertently disabled this operation?

Click the frame type you want. Release the mouse button. Take your pointer over to the page, click and drag.

Incidentally, this page does not feature the word “activate”. Where are you looking?

Got it at last!!! Thanks so much. I’d got so used in other programs to click, hold and drop so that I didn’t even read the Dorico instructions properly.
The page you linked to is the one I was using, and the word ‘activate’ occurs in no. 2 of the instructions:

No, it doesn’t.

Look carefully. I suspect you’re reading an old version of the manual (or an up to date manual for an older version of the software).

Gareth, do double-check Leo’s link - I’m certain you’re looking at a page from an older version of the manual. What number is in your url - it should be /v3.5/

Mea maxima culpa on both counts. There’s so much instructional material out there, and I must remember to check version information on everything. Thanks both for your guidance and for your patience with an old dog who’s slow at picking up new tricks!