Can't create macro designer extended page

I’m fairly new to Halion 6 and I’m trying to create a basic synth to experiment with the software. I create a new layer and add a synth zone in it with 2 LFOs. When I want to add a macro page I can’t, all the buttons are greyed out and can’t be activated. I copied the program tree of other Halion instruments and I still can’t get it to work. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as I’ve been following all the Halion tutorials on YouTube and read the user manual.

The only I can now create a macro page is by editing an already existing instrument.

Here’s a screenshot of my basic instrument:

I tried adding a trigger and flexphraser but it didn’t change anything.

What I’m doing wrong?

You should rather post questions about ui design under this sub forum for a better response.

To give a quick answer, macro pages are attached to layers or programs and not zones.