Can't delete UR12_firmware_V101.exe


I have Cubase 9.5 Elements installed on an old PC. It worked perfect untill I made a full Win10 upgrade to the latest version. Now it uses way too much CPU.

I have Steinberg UR12 external soundcard and I REALLY need to delete the old firmware so I can install it again after the latest Win10 upgrade to make it work properly again.

When I try to reinstall it, it prompts me: “The latest firmware is already installed”. I have deleted everything with the name UR12 in the registry editor.

Anyone knows how to reinstall the driver?

All help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


The firmware is not the driver, the firmware resides inside your UR12.
It’s like an bios update, that’s why you can’t update it, it is already up to date.
Go to the Steinberg site and download newest drivers.