Can't download Cubase Pro 10 trial through Steinberg Download Assistant - is there a direct link?

Hello all,

So I’ve taken today out to demo Cubase 10 (I’m on 8.5) in preparation for a new pro-audio PC I’m picking up next week.

The problem is, no matter what I do, the trial won’t download through the Steinberg Download Assistant, and keeps saying it can’t connect to the sever.
I am not very techincal when it comes to computer issues, but after searching for posts with similar problems and trying the solutions, I’m no nearer to getting the download started.

I have the activation code sitting in my email waiting…is there any way of someone pointing me to a direct link of the trial so that I can get things moving?

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Google steinberg download will almost always result in the download page being in the first page of search results. The link you seek is here for updates:

I believe the full download is only available via Download Assistant, possibly via My steinberg since you have your activation code already.

Hi, thanks for replying.
Yes, I can only find a link to the updates. I’ve checked my Steinberg account and the download isn’t there. I’m guessing that’s because I’ve not purchased yet and just want to give the trial a test run before my PC arrives.

I can understand why companies are moving to these software installers…but things were so much easier a few years back!

I am having the same issue to.

So…just bumping one last time because I have the bank holiday weekend to try again. I just want to try the Cubase 10 Pro trial, before purchasing the upgrade from 8.5 Pro for when my new pro audio PC arrives next week. For me, the download assistant loads, then says it can’t connect to the server and I have to shut it down. I can’t even get started.

I’ve try all the steps I’ve searched on these forums and google, plus done a clean install of the download assistant. It still says it can’t connect. It’s not my internet as that’s working fine.

I have the trial code waiting in my email. Is is possible for a link to the direct download at all? Or perhaps an earlier version of the download assistant in case it’s that causing my issue?

Although…tbh, if I’m having this much trouble trying to use the download assistant, it doesn’t fill me with confidence to buy the upgrade. :confused:

I have purchased Cubase Elements 10 and am facing the same issue with the Download Assistant not connecting to server. Looks like this has been an issue for several years now. Seems crazy to make it so difficult for a customer to install the software they’ve purchased. Wake up please Steinberg - can I have the direct download for Cubase Elements 10 asap. Thanks a lot.

I’m having the same problem aswell.everything else like the library program links to the net and there’s no other problem with any other app except Steinberg Download Assistant.i can’t download Cubase LE 10 wich I just bought but I had no problem downloading Cubase Elements 10 when I demoed it.
It would be Greatly appreciated if anyone has a work around ? as All my licenses are all activated

If you think having a direct link to the download, and being able to download it with your browser helps you, have a look here: Download Assistant Cant Download Cubase Artist 10 - #2 by halftimejake - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

This will fix problems with not working downloads, but won’t help if Steinberg Download Assistant says it has no internet connection while startup.