Can't download Cubase9. Please help.

Hello. I purchased Cubase pro9 from the Steinberg online shop and there is no download code or link in the order confirmation. There is an activation code but that isn’t acceptable for downloading.

The E-licenser will also not allow me to enter the activation code. I think I’ve read all the FAQs. Thanks for any help.

Do you have a USB eLicenser?

Yes I have an Elicenser as well as 2 old copy-protect dongles. The E-licenser will not allow me to enter the activation code. According to what I can read online, Steinberg was supposed to have sent a download code as part of the order confirmation. But they didn’t. I only received an activation code not a download code. Thanks for any help.


if you tried to purchase using the same e-mail address you are using for the forum, I only found an empty order made on the 26th of February, meaning it was not processed.
Please, try again if not charged or get in contact with Asknet if you have been charged for the order.
We only have limited access to the sales system and can’t see what went wrong.

Thank you.

Thanks Fabio and Jasian. Chris in the Steinberg US Support team has helped me solve this problem. It had to do with a very old copy-protect dongle and a damaged SeL. He sent me a special link to repair it.
Fabio, my order should now show that is has been processed.