Can't download Pro version after upgrading from Artist


I just bought Cubase Pro (upgrade from Artist version) and I can’t download…I received my invoice by email with activation code and download link but when clicking on it, it leads me to a page with this message: You currently have no downloads available.

I saw a post about that kind of issue on Steinberg website with a lot of possible reasons to get this message but none fits my situation. I opened a ticket but got no answer…the ticket is still open and the status is stuck on “being processed” since I’ve created it Saturday morning (like 36 hours ago). I try to chat online but it says “Live Help is currently unavailable…” even if it is supposed to be open at 9am EST (it’s 9:45 at the moment…). I tried on the phone but can’t have anybody to answer.

I don’t know what to do…any idea?


Can you download the Steinberg Download Assistant from the Steinberg website?

Omg…it seems to work this way. I’ll let you know when it ll be all installed and working.

Thank you so much!!!

It works!!! Thanks again for your help!!!


Same problem here, just purchased upgrade from Artist to Pro, received invoice by email with activation code and download link, but got message “You have no downloads available”. I’ve checked “MySteinberg”, “My products/Download” - I don’t see Cubase Pro!
I also opened a ticket at “Asknet” but no answer…the ticket is still open and the status is stuck on “being processed”.

Try to download through Steinberg Download Assistant, but it says “A connection to the download server could not be established”! ?? This message gives just one option: to quit program.

Any suggestion?

Cubase Pro and Artist are the exact same installation files. Only the license dictates which version you will run.

Thank you, KHS! It’s very valuable information! No downloading, no installing, I changed only the license key, and that’s all. Thank you very much!

By the way, I uninstalled and again installed the Steinberg Download Assistant and it works now.