Can't download Trial - Worst user experience ever?!

Perhaps a bit of hyperbole in the subject, but i have to say that my experience trying to audition Cubase Pro 10 has been quite the exercise in frustration. I’m hoping someone who’s been through this before might be able to help.

I’m a Logic Pro X user toying with the idea of making the switch to Cubase so I head on over to Steinberg’s site to grab a trial.

First strike - I find out that I need a hardware e-licenser to even try the software. I don’t want to get into a licenser debate, but it really does sour the experience. Anyhow, I don’t let this dissuade me and order an e-licenser online. It came on Friday.

Second strike - Excited to finally get to experience Cubase, I attempt to download Pro 10. The site instructs me that I need to download the Steinberg Download Assistant. Not uncommon for these types of apps, so I download and install it. The problem? The damn app won’t launch, so I try all the common tricks (uninstall, reinstall, reboot, run as admin) with no luck. I turn to Google only to realize that this seems to be a widespread issue. There are countless threads on this forum and others that discuss the very issue and none of them seem to provide any solution other than “Get a buddy to download it for you”.

Third strike - Frustrated beyond belief, I figure the next logical step would be to contact support. I try and dig up information, but alas, because I’m in Canada, support is handled by Yamaha and of course they are not working today. GREAT!

I understand that I must be in the minority here, but its ridiculous to the point of being comical that something as simple as auditioning a piece of software this day in age has the potential of being this difficult.

OK, rant over. Has anyone experienced the issue and found a workaround? I’m on an iMac Pro running 10.14.6.