Can't download Verve

I’ve been trying for the last 3 days to download Verve successfully. I’ve tried downloading via Steinberg Download Assistant and via the website. Both start but then time out and fail over and over again. I’ve had that problem with other content in Cubase Artist 12 and Absolute 5 as well, but usually it only fails once or twice. Only Verve has failed to download now for multiple days straight.

Just wanted to follow up, I still can’t get the download to finish. Sometimes it gets to almost complete and then fails and then I have to restart the download from zero. Has anyone successfully downloaded Verve in the last week or two?


Did you actually manage to resolve this, @rlared ?

I have a circa 8GB file on my system which Steinberg Download Assistant (ARIA2) has downloaded but which fails to Verify and subsequently install … and this happens repeatedly.

Even downloads which are started at gone 02:00 in the morning do not install, so it’s unlikely a ‘congested internet’ matter nor, one would presume, overloaded Steinberg servers (but who knows which timezone the files are geographically cached in, in reality!?).

Anyone? Any thing?



PS I presume Steinberg do their usual thing of making the file(s) available as a direct download somewhere? Does anybody know where they are?

@steveecrane Yes, all files are available in the Steinberg
download pages if you need to.

@rlared I just downloaded Verve from the website. It completed successfully in 9 minutes.
(And just noticed you had this problem a month ago! Hopefully you got it sorted by now :slightly_smiling_face:).

Yeah I did get it solved. Turns out it had installed but it wasn’t showing as installed in the download assistant. So I kept installing it over and over!

This is the first place I looked when it had failed a couple of times, @KT66 … but I can’t seem to see “Verve” in any of the drop-down menus. Are you sure it’s in here? If so, where!?

Thank you!

Hmmm, I’ll check and get back to you, @rlared - thank you!

It’s in the Cubase 12 download page. Scroll down and you’ll see it there.

Thank you @KT66 - I’ll take a look later today…

Ahhh, I didn’t realise I had to initially select Cubase 12 before it took me to all the associated downloads. Thanks for that, @KT66. I’m going to download it now and see whether I can get it to install. Is there anything in particular I should know about this, as it seems to be downloading an .ISO file? Thanks again.

Once you download the iso file you can double click on it and you’ll see two files. One is the Verve sounds and the other is the presets.
I don’t personally use this but as far as I can see you need to copy those two files to the VST Sound folder under the Steinberg Content folder. Once you’ve done that, open Verve on whatever version of Halion you have.
Minimum requirements appear to be V3.4 for Halion Sonic and Sonic SE, or V6.4 for Halion full version.


I’ve still not managed to install Verve (see image).

Despite downloading it directly (Steinberg Download Manager was telling me it had failed, repeatedly, but with no meaningful reason given - see image), since updating to v12.0.30, I now receive a message suggesting HALion Sonic SE needs to be installed first (see image).

Well, HALion IS installed - I use it frequently (see screenshot)!

Does anyone have any additional suggestions I can try?

Thanks for any suggestions,


While the Verve doc says that Halion Sonic SE V3.4 is the minimum, V3.5.10 is actually required to run on Cubase 12 (because of the new Steinberg licensing).
Have you updated Halion Sonic SE to latest?

EDIT: Just answered my own question by looking at your screen shot of SDA. I’m afraid I’m at a loss as to why the Halion install wouldn’t be recognized.

Did you try installing Verve by downloading from the website?