Cant drag and drop files (Win10 / C9)


I no longer can drag and drop files into Cubase.

I honestly can’t definitively recall what i did, but I’m assuming its something silly.
I do recall is making some Win10 DAW+Audio optimization tweaks, from reading a post on Sweetwater (I think it was this:
), a few days ago.
I’m working on a collaboration project and it’s becoming a nuisance…especially importing MIDI one at a time.

I googled it, of course, and I read a very old post about changing the UAC. I checked my user account and its set to the lowest setting.

How can I fix this?


Running Cubase as Administrator disables drag and drop, might be the cause of this.

You’re running it as an administrator! In Windows, this disables many program-to-program interactions (in your case, Windows Explorer interacting with Cubase).

It’s to stop literally any other programs from hijacking your admin-access-enabled program to do naughty business, but in your case, it also broke drag and drop functionality.

Disable that, and you should be back up and running. :slight_smile:

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Extra note:
If you did the “Adjust Processor Scheduling” step, you should change that back. It’s an outdated optimization trick that would help low-level background processes, like your audio drivers, stay strong in the older days, but since Windows 7 and onward, Windows is pretty good at handling process prioritization by itself, and computers have gotten a lot better at juggling multiple tasks at once. That setting swap tends to actively slow down the responsiveness of active programs nowadays, and won’t give any noticed improvement to your background driver processes. Good luck!

oh, thank goodness.
The problem is resolved! :smiley:

Ninjaottermusic, thanks!


Ninjaottermusic, thanks!

Man thanks so much! Just moved back from a OSX to a W10 setup (studio got some crazy machines that fly on W10!) but small shit like this was really getting my undies in a tizzy. This has been a considerable upgrade to my life.

Surely this is a ridiculous decision to take the drag and drop audio file to project window away?
yes we can do it if we have an audio track set up,but just cant understand why the other scenario with no audio track set up was taken away.

As soon as I turn off Administrator to launch Cubase I get a warning at startup that I don’t have all permissions for E-Licenser. Not sure which is worse - no drag and drop or having to dismiss a start warning every time. Any way to have my cake and eat it too?

Dude, i were looking for that like for eternity!!! Thanks a million , now from Cub12Pro and Win11 :joy:

Run it once or twice with Admin rights, and when (and if!) it stops dragging from an explorer - shut it off to basic. All runs good without Admin rights, unless u’re trying to authorize plugins and staff from Cubase.