Can't drag and drop MIDI files onto MIDI track

Hi. Attempting to drag and drop a MIDI file from the media bay onto a MIDI track fails. It drops it into a new track at the bottom, which is incredibly annoying in a large project with many tracks. Problem occurs with built-in MIDI as well as my own files. But in SOME PROJECTS, MIDI files can be added properly. Strange bug which may be difficult to reproduce, but it’s real. There is nothing in Settings that might resolve this. I have seen this issue come up before in this forum, but I don’t see a resolution. Anyone?

Update. A similar thing happens with audio files. Drag and drop results in files being placed randomly - anywhere but where you want them. I wonder if it’s an issue with screen resolution on the M1 iPad or possibly an incorrect calculation in the software of the destination track due to zooming?

Hi @novelty,

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Since drag and drop of MIDI files onto a track works in some projects, please let us have a short clip which shows the problem. Please do the same for the audio issue.

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