Can't drag audio to Chord Track

After trying to use Chord Track for the first time on Cubase Pro 11, I noticed I could not follow the tutorials I found online since after creating my Chord Track I am not able to grab and drop audio files on to my Chord Track.

Did you watch tutorials for your version of Cubase? That feature is new for Cubase Pro 12.

Hi Steve, the drag and drop feature is a new feature for Ver. 12? Then that might be it. I’ll look for tutorials specifically for 11 like you mention.

I want to follow up on this one.

On Steinberg’s website, Audio-to-MIDI is available for Pro, Artist, and Elements of Cubase 12.

I tried using this feature as shown here. It won’t work. I drag an audio track to a blank Chord Track but it won’t let me drop.

All Youtube tutorials show this exact method and it works for them.
I have Cubase 12 LE AI Elements.

Cubase 12 LE AI Elements is the unfortunate name of the version but. There are in fact 3 different verisons: Cubase Elements, Cubase AI, and Cubase LE. If you acquired your Cubase as a bundled software you most likely have AI or LE. It might be that this particular feature is disabled in these bundled version, but I am not certain.

If you actually bought Cubase Elements: Does the chord detection work with a MIDI part (rather than audio)?

You should open the Steinberg Activation Manager and observe which license you have.

The function „Audio to MIDI chords“ is only available in Cubase Pro 12 , Cubase Artist 12, and Cubase Elements 12.
It is not available in Cubase AI 12 and Cubase LE 12 . You can compare the versions here:

Hello all,

As @Johnny_Moneto mentioned, the program “Cubase LE AI Elements 12” installed on my PC confused me. As per @steve’s suggestion, I learned from Activation Manager that I have specifically a Cubase LE license, which came bundled with my Audient audio interface hardware. @bobmusic’s provided link revealed that this is the most basic tier of Cubase available.

I can confirm with my Cubase that the drag-drop method won’t ever work as well as going Project > Chord Track > Chords to MIDI despite being selectable in the drop-down menu.

Thanks for everyone’s input in this discussion. Appreciate all your help!