Can't edit individual instrument patterns? help please

Hello, I’m new to using Cubase Elements 8, and every time I try to edit note information in any individual sequence, it applies it to every sequence. For example, let’s say I create a 4 bar drum loop and copy/paste it into 16 bars. If I try to remove say the kick drum from ONLY the last sequence, it removes it from every sequence in that track.

How can I edit a sequence without it being applied to the rest of them?


Hi and welcome,

THis happens, when you are using shared copies. Can you see the = symbol on the upper-right corner of the event? If yes, this is the shared copy. To make shared copy, you have to hold down Ctrl+Shift, while dragging. To make a normal copy, you have to hold Ctrl only.

Note that you can also use the function"convert to real copy" if you want to switch the type later.

thats exactly what was happening, thanks! i thought it might have something to do with the = sign, but didnt think twice about it :unamused: