Can't Edit measure

I have a measure missing rests. Nothing I do will add them. I can’t delete and start the measure notation over. Help!

Welcome to the forum keithdompowell! Try selecting the last note on that staff before the missing rests, and check in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window (if it’s not shown, press Ctrl/Cmd-8 or click the bottom disclosure arrow to show it). If the property “Ends voice” is activated, deactivate it. Dorico uses the “Starts voice”/“Ends voice” properties to control where rests appear between notes in the same voice.

If that doesn’t work, double-click the staff where the first missing rest is (to show the note input caret, which you can also call up by pressing Shift-N); press Shift-B for the bars/barlines popover, enter “rest”, then press Return. That should input a whole bar rest, and also reset the visibility of rests from that point onwards.

(Just in case I’ve missed the obvious - check that you haven’t hidden bar rests in empty bars if none of that helps.)

I’ll give it a try Vielen Dank’