Can't edit samples individually on layered pad (Groove Agent 5 SE)

Issue: Edits applied to individual sample while in “Selected” mode are applying to all samples on the pad. Result: Cannot edit individual samples independently from each other on layered pads.
Environment: Windows 10, Cubase and Groove Agent versions: latest ( see screenshot for version number)

I’m not understanding the error at the bottom - the entire point of Selected mode is to edit the selected sample rather than the entire pad. That said, I followed along, cleared automation, and my edits are still being applied to every sample on the pad.

In the past I recall working as expected after clearing the automation (which was tedious and unintuitive) but now I can’t get it to work at all.

Same happens here, I used to make round robin samples by assigning different fine tune stretch etc but I cannot make it. And also I was remember this has worked well.

Any solution?

I spoke directly with support. They said it’s working as intended and didn’t explain why it works differently now than it did before. So my solution was purchasing TAL-DRUM and using that instead and I’ve been super happy with that decision

Do you maybe use new MIDI remote feature? Like when I delete all midi remote controls all works as it should. Precisely when “value at mouse pointer” is assigned to one of my controllers I get this bug. Maybe you have something similar on Midi remote controls?

so is this a confirmed bug in Groove Agent? cant believe it

I was not using GA since months, yeasterday I opened a blank session of it and started tweaking, but when I tried to modify layered samples I couldnt, I felt stupid because I remember always doing it

anyone has news on this? I really dont wanna program again all my layered sounds in another beat machine, my gosh!

It’s a known problem in Cubase 12 and Cubase 13.
In Cubase 11 and in Standalone mode it works.
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doesnt matter the GA version? I mean, if I try to install an older one?

Am I misreading this? I can’t use a midi controller with Groove Agent while also editing pad layers independently?

Please advise if I’m wrong here – really hope so.

edit: ah – seems you simply can’t use your midi controller as a remote for the DAW while also editing pad layers independently within Groove agent.

Really frustrating to see. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice the ability to use the transport controls on my midi controller just to get base functionality out of a drum VST. Would love if I’m wrong – please let me know if so.