Can't edit text sometimes (but only sometimes)

Has anybody else encountered this problem? Occasionally, text entered with Shift-X can’t be edited. Double-clicking it doesn’t open the editor; sometimes, even pressing Enter doesn’t work. It’s probably just my perception, but this seems to have gotten worse as I’ve continued to edit a project.

My current workaround is just to delete any text I need to change and make a new text item.

Possibly you’re trying to select text on a condensed staff in Page view, which we can’t do. If that’s the case, it should still work in Galley view.

But my guess might be wrong, if you are then selecting the text to delete it and remake it.

Thanks, Mark, but I’m not using Condensing at all.

If you have any projects that demonstrate this problem in action, please do attach them here. Please also provide some more details about your computer hardware: what kind of system are you running?

I have run into this exact problem today, to a point that I needed to delete and re-enter the staff text as I wanted. Daniel, do you want me to send you the file?

Sure, if the issue is reproducible, please do.

Actually, the issue was not happening today, on the same file. It might be related to the time spent on the file (does this fill some RAM or some buffer or something ?) and the fact that it is quite large (over 24MB).