Can't edit VST connections dropdowns


Cube 6.0.2 [and Nuendo 5.1.1]

In the VST connections [F4] page, the dropdown offers me various preset configurations.
Beside the dropdown tab, there are 2 keys a “+” and a “-” which are supposed to allow me to
add and delete any of these configurations.

When I select any configuration, it is loaded, but it’s name does not appear in the dropdown list,
and I cannot delete it. Therefore I’m currently left with 20 odd “offers” which I just want to delete,
but can’t!

Any thoughts?

BTW, which file stores the VST connection information. Is it RAMPresets.xml?

Not sure about this but…
I wonder if it only allows you to delete the ones you have created and not the ones that were created by Cubase?
Try creating one and see if it lets you delete it.

Does the + and - not just expand and collapse the connections

Try right clicking and select remove.