Can't engage "Play back Slice" in Edit Hitpoints (see repro)

Cubase 12.0.60 built 453
Windows 10

There is a bug that doesn’t allow for the slice preview tool to be active when editing hitpoints in a certain circumstance.

Here is how to recreate the bug.

  1. Open an audio file in the Editor
  2. Click on the Hitpoints accordion tab to open the panel
  3. In the Hitpoints panel, adjust the values of Minimum Lenght or the Beats (before doing anything else).
  4. The tool will turn into “Range Selection” tool, and Edit Hitpoints icon will illuminate.
    From this state, it is impossible to switch the tool to “Play back Slice” which allows auditioning each portion between hitpoints as one-shots.

The only way to get the “Play back Slice” audition tool back is to go to the VariAudio accordion tab, press the “Edit VariAudio” button, cancel the analyzing, then go back to the Hitpoints tab and select the “Edit Hitpoints” button.

The bug is not present if you first enable “Edit Hitpoints” before adjusting the Minimum Length or Beats.