Can't Enter or Select on Some Staves

This may be stupid, but here goes.

I set up a new orchestral piece and saved it with no notes input, but all the players and staves set up. I opened it today to start entering music.

I can select bars and enter enter music on some staves, but not others. --in fact, not on on most others. It’s like they are locked.

For example, I can enter notes for piccolo, timpani, and trombone; but for most other staves (horn, flutes, clarinet) I can’t select bars or get a carat.

Update:I opened anew Solo Piano piece as a test,and it worked fine.

What’s going on?

Sounds like you have condensing turned on.


You are exactly correct. I used an orchestral template instead of creating my own. That works perfectly–but it appears to wake up in condensed mode. Thank you.

PS I should have thought of that because of the instruments that were and were not editable. :slight_smile: