Can't enter value on automation node

I’ve noticed in Cubase 10 that when working on an instrument track, I can’t manually enter a value for a selected node. Type the new value in but it just reverts to the previous one.

This is a real nuisance.

No issue here.

Are you typing in the info line? Check out what you have set in the automation panel. I know if you have “Touch” & “To Start” activated you may get this behavior on any track unless it is the first node.

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To Start not activated, tried it on all the settings.

It’s weird, it works on some tracks but not others.

I can change the value by hovvering over with the mouse and right-click move up/down, but when I enter a value, it just reverts to what it was before… but not on every automation track.

I went back into Cubase 9.5 and it works fine.

But not in C10, at least not here.

Here’s a video showing the problem.

You see I change the number but when I hit Enter, the number reverts back to what it was.

However, I can change the number with the mouse. ???

From your video, the only other thing that I see is that you have an insert activated on that track. So I am wondering if something in that (or something/somewhere else) is locked.

Like I said… no issue here doing exactly what your vid shows and I do not see anyone else mentioning it in the issues section. I’ll also mention, if not already done, make sure you installed the latest Cubase Pro 10 maintenance release.

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Hi, yes got the latest release.

There’s nothing locked I can see. But if it was locked, I wouldn’t be able to alter the value at all, right? …which I can.

As it shows in the video, you can adjust the figure using the mouse fine. It’s only when you enter the value via the keyboard.

If there’s something I’m not aware of causing this, I could do to know. There doesn’t seem to be anything obvious.

:-\ ???

I have exactly the same problem in C10.5
It is automation on an insert effect.
It’s very frustrating, meaning you have to get as close as you can to the desired value using the mouse.

OMG, Similar Problem here!!! The volume has no problem, but other automation nodes just drive me crazy!!! For instance, I insert a filter, and set the cutoff to the automation. When I type in the value, the result never match the value I put in!

It seems like it might be plugin dependent?

I can set the level of the master volume fader without an issue and frequency bands in pro-q3 are fine.

But I can’t set specific values for anything I’ve tested in Neutron Ozone Elements.

Very strange.