Can't even get Cubase 11 Elements to launch

Hi, cubase won’t launch. I’ve installed v11 Elements which I bought online from Steinberg website. I installed it, installed the eLicense Control Centre. I input my license number and everything works smooth. I can see the license there (soft license) and on the righthand side of the licenser I can see the license is there to use Cubase 11!!!

When I try to open it (yes restarted my computer etc many times) it says there is no valid license. So then I try to download the license again and it says that license number is already in use/used.

So I’m in a feedback loop where I originally downloaded and installed everything. Then when I went to use cubase it says there is no license (even though the eLicense Control Centre shows it there)…so it tells me to put in the activation code for the license - so I copy it from the email I got…and it starts to download the license…then it says its already in use…and that’s the loop. It says contact them for a new license but even that is almost impossible running around in circles in their insanley huge help centre and none of the articles tell you what to do if your in this situation. Thats why Im messaging here. I guess I have to contact cubase for a new activation number or something? Can’t even find a way to contact them.


Make sure you have installed Cubase Elements, not Artist or Pro, please.

@Martin.Jirsak …Yes its Cubase Elements 11.0.30 Thx

For some reason, I keep getting prompted to install cubase elements LE AI…which I do and…it works. But that’s a lower feature version than just cubase elements isn’t it? In my apps (I use a mac) I can see I have Cubase 11 and Cubase LE AI Elements 11. That one works…Cubase 11 doesnt launch.


Cubase LE, AI and Elements are only one installer and one executable. Only the license decides, if Cubase AI, LE, or Elements would start.

You can see, which Cubase starts on the splash screen, or on the About screen.

ok…but I bought elements and thats the one that isnt starting. It says to contact the seller to get a new access code. How do I do that?


How do you start Cubase Elements? There is no Cubase Elements.exe. There is Cubase LE AI Elements.exe. So you start this Cubase and the license decides to start either LE or AI or Elements.

ok thank you