Can't even run a forum.

It’s 9.44 in the evening and i can’t get cubase to send out midi volumes from my 5.1 projects which i’ve loaded in 5.5.3. All the volumes are wrong… pretty annoyed so what do i do? I go on the forum to post a topic. Can I?

NOOOOO… Steinberg don’t even appear able to run a forum properly! Where is the bandwidth? I’m on a super fast connection, and the forum is running sloooowww…

If you can’t run a forum properly, why do you expect people to buy your software…

PS. I posted on the MIDI volumes thing ages ago. Where is my bugfix?

Obviously having a chrisy fit!

I’m such a w*&ker… :laughing:

I believe they’re moving office this weekend so all should be ok next week. OK, next year. :smiling_imp:

if you ask someone nicely in the lounge they might have some spare magazines for you and the toilets that way >>>>>>

It was a bit messed up last night but its typical steinberg " no pain no gain "