can't export Cubase 6 MIDI track to mp3


I’m trying to export a cubase 6 MIDI track to mp3. Can’t do it.

I looked in the manual but as I’m pretty new to cubase it was over my head–or else, I missed something.

So here’s what I did:

  1. Recorded a midi track. PLayback works–no problem. I can playback to my XF8 or playback via computer speakers. Both work fine.
  2. File–export–audio mixdown (I assume this is the next step.
  3. Now I’m lost. I set the settings to produce an mp3 --but it contains no audio info. Also, got another audio track in my cubase file–it seems blank, too.

If someone could suggest what I am doing wrong, I would appreciate it very much.

Maybe I shouldn’t have recorded in MIDI?? Is there a better way to record from my XF8?



Record the output of your XF8 into Cubase.

Are the locators right way 'round? Did you select Stereo Out in the Export dialog?

Yes to both questions. Still I get an mp3 that is blank no matter what I play it back with.

What in the world am I doing wrong?

Can Cubase export a midi track to mp3??


I think I have done that. I played the XF–it recorded into Cubase. Cubase plays back perfectly. Set locators properly. File–Export–Audio mixdown–and then get an mp3 file containing no music.

What am I doing incorrectly??


Make sure
-the input monitor (or any setting that enables it during recording) is disabled.
-record ready on the treack is disabled
-best to de-select the track, to make sure the input monitor does not get enabled automatically


Solved my problem: Here are the steps–

Devices—device setup VST Audio Systems ASIO ---- Yamaha ASIO
Devices—VST connections External Instruments— Motif needs to be assigned (or create)
Devices—VST Instruments — add motif to slot
Create midi track
Export – check real-time export box
Check Mixer

(XF8: Utility>Control>MIDI Interface: FW

Presto!!! It works like a charm.

Thanks for everyone’s ideas. Steinberg tech support fellow provided final solution.


Had the same problem in Cubase7. “Export – check real-time export box” did it for me. Thanks.