Can't figure out how to playback imported file

I am just testing out Cubase LE. I have been able to record some tracks and play them back, but when I import a .wav file I can’t play it back. I imported the file through the pool window, and then added it to an audio track. I can see the volume controls moving, so it appears as if Cubase recognizes the audio, I just can’t get it to play through the speakers.

I have the VST connections set up just for the local audio/mic on the laptop, and as I said, they record and playback fine, just not for an audio file that I import (if I double click on the file that I imported outside of Cubase it plays fine through the Windows Media Player.

Any ideas here? Is there just some silly setting I am forgetting?

Thanks for any advice.


Is the imported audio channel routed to the output correctly?

Bingo, thanks, that’s exactly what it was.