Can't figure out how to record audio

Hi, sorry I’m a newbie to all this, just got Cubase Elements 7.

I have a Yamaha S90ES keyboard running through a Tascam US-144 into my computer.

It apparently is getting a signal, because when I press keys, the audio activity bar in the bottom right corner goes up. I configured everything according to this tutorial video:

setting the VST connections etc., and although this video deals with Cubase 4 it’s all similar enough.

So I pressed “record enable” on one track and started recording, but even though the audio activity bar does stuff like I said, nothing gets recorded. Any suggestions?

My apologies to Ilikepancakes for getting in on his question but I can’t figure out how to post my own separate question on here. My problem is the same, I am using a Yamaha MOFX8 with the latest drivers installed. My computer, an Inspiron 15 7000 series recognizes the Yamaha as a device. I have set up the MOFX 8 to utilize USB and have used the Quick Start A1 Function which optimizes the Yamaha for DAW recording. Midi Thru is “on” in Cubase. I have watched hours of videos and read countless articles, set up everything just like it says to, MIDI data is present because the meter is moving but I can hear no sound when I play the keyboard. No way to audition the sounds or hear anything after it is recorded. I use the monitor button when the signal is being recorded (which I can’t hear) and turn it off in hopes of hearing something on playback. I have tried to create both an instrument track and a MIDI track with the same no result. In watching the videos, it seems that I don’t have the feature to assign the track in the track Inspecter like people in the videos have and my search function doesn’t show all available patches after filtering them out in say Groove Agent. I am using the free 30 day download of Cubase Elements 7.5. Here is my offer to you forum members, the first person that can get me through this problem and get me hearing sound will be sent $25 via Paypal. I understand you experienced users get tired of the newbies asking the same questions and always ask have we searched everything. I believe I am very close to having searched everything and am not asking for the advice and guidance for free but am willing to pay you for your time and expertise.

This is how I record audio in Cubase from my MOXF8.

  1. Press Quick Setup 4 on the MOXF to put the keyboard in standalone mode.

  2. Press F4 in Cubase and make sure you have 2 sets of stereo inputs, and one set of stereo outputs. If you don’t see this, select the 2xStereo preset from the Presets dropdown list on the same window.

By default the inputs and outputs are named

Stereo 1 This set is for the D/A input, ie. Microphone, guitar, etc.
Stereo 2 This set is for the audio the MOXF generates when you play a sound from your keyboard.
Stereo Out This set is the audio out of the MOXF, usually connects to powered speakers.

  1. Start a new blank project in Cubase, and save it immediately to its own folder.

  2. Add a stereo audio track to the project. Make sure the input for the audio track is set to Stereo 2, and the output is set to Stereo Out. Also make the sure the audio track is Record Enabled.

  3. Click the Record button in Cubase, and start playing your keyboard. Click Stop Recording when finished.

  4. Click the Play button in Cubase to hear what you played. To hear your audio you’ll have to increase the volume of the DAW LEVEL slider on the MOXF. Also make sure the Monitor button on the audio track is turned off during playback, otherwise you won’t hear anything.

that’s it.