Can't figure out how to use Backbone or where it was actually installed

I recently got backbone through Splice’s rent to own plugins selection. I installed the Steinberg download manager, the activation manager and the library manager. I installed Backbone using the download manager, and activated it using the activation manager. But when i check my daw(Ableton 10) the plugin is nowhere to be found. So then i figured it might be a standalone thing. But searching for it on the windows searchbar only shows me the installation file. When i search the installation locations only presets come up. Should there be a .dll somewhere? Is Backbone a vst or standalone program? I’ve made several searches online trying to find any info on where the program actually gets installed, with no luck. I’d appreciate any assistance.

Welcome to the forum. Backbone is a VST 3/AU/AAX plug-in.

On Windows, all VST 3 plug-ins are installed to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 folder. Please check if you’ve installed the plug-in and not just the content.

Ahh thank you. I had it installed but for whatever reason Ableton couldn’t access it possibly because it was within several folders within my vst3 folder. So i copied and pasted it directly into my vst3 folder and now it works. I appreciate the help