Can't figure out routing group to track input

Cubase 6.5
In the manual p94, it says “Recording from busses:” “Create a new audio track, open the Input Routing pop-up menu for it and select the Group track as input for this audio track. Record enable this audio track and start recording.
Now, the output of the group track will be recorded on the new track and you will get a mix of your separate tracks.”

  1. Group tracks are not appearing on the Input Routing pop-up menu of the new track as available options.
  2. No instruction for the output of the Group track is given.
  3. Trying to add an output buss in VST Connections does not seem to solve anything.

Many thanks for any help!

First --just a little clarification: the “OUTPUT” of the group track as you would set it, can only go to another group track or to an output bus. But since the group track is a BUS, it can be tapped for INPUT on audio channels.

So in that sense, you have to do what the manual says (and as you attempted to do), and select the group track on the INPUT of the audio track you want to receive the group track signal on. That said, if you can’t see the group tracks as input options on the audio track in question there are a couple possible explanations:

1.) You are not using the full version of Cubase (only the full version allows you to select group channels as inputs to audio tracks).

2.) The audio channel is a MONO channel, while the group track is a STEREO channel. (similar issues with surround, but I’m assuming you’re not working with quadro or surround channels). You can not select a stereo input for a mono audio channel. You must set up a stereo audio channel to record your stereo group channel onto.

If you’ve checked both of these and it still isn’t working, report back and we’ll troubleshoot some more…

Yes, your diagnosis is a bullseye. I could have sworn I had tried every combo–I certainly spent enough time on it! But I had a mono new track and stereo group (sheesh). A stereo new track brought up all the input menu options.

Much obliged for your kind assistance.

Cool! Glad to have helped. :slight_smile: