Can't figure this one out...

My wife (a horn player) is doing a performance of the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah, and the parts they handed out were nearly illegible. So I decided the quickest thing to do was just play them into Dorico.

Everything went as quickly and easily as I expected (and it was my first use of MIDI recording, which worked fine), except for putting in the title, etc. in the parts.

It’s a simple setup — in the Master Pages:Default Part:First, there are the {@projectTitle@}, {@projectComposer@}, {@layoutName@} and, in the Flow Heading, the {@flowTitle@}.

The problem is, only the {@flowTitle@} actually appears in the parts. If I choose the Default Score, the info contained there appears in the parts. But if I switch back to Default Part, nothing in the Master Pages:Default Part:First actually appears in the parts.

I looked everywhere I could think of to try to find what I had done to “turn that off”, but I couldn’t find anything in any of the settings or anywhere else. The fix was simple; I just opened a new project and copy/pasted the music from the first one into the new one, set up the Default Pages, and in that new project, everything worked fine. So it isn’t a production problem—that’s solved.

But for future reference, I’d really like to know what I did to mess up this file so I don’t do it again.

I’ve attached it, for anyone who has a minute to look at it and see if you can find whatever it was I did.

As always, thanks much for your help.
Halleluia Horn (378 KB)

I opened your “First” master page and discovered this:

Your music frame here is set to “MN” rather than “MA” (which is the default master frame chain). As Dan Kreider recently discovered, if your “First” master page doesn’t use the same frame chains as the “Default” master page, Dorico doesn’t automatically assign the “First” master page to the first page of the layout. Sure enough, if I click out of the Master Page Editor and select the first page of the horn part, it’s the “Default” master page that’s highlighted, not the “First” master page.

The fix is to edit your “First” master pages (both left and right) so that the music frame uses the “MA” frame chain.

Thanks, Leo. I’ve never even thought about using frame chains, much less actually trying to use them, so I don’t have a clue how I messed that up.

So at least I learned something as a result.

Again, thanks for the help.