Can't find a download for Cubase 8 LE, 64-bit

Hello, all!

I tried searching the forum for this, but the search function rudely informed me that it simply decided to ignore five out of six search words I entered. Bonus point for whoever can explain to me why the designers thought that was a good idea.

Anyway, I digress.
As the subject indicates, after I had to reinstall Windows due to it deciding life wasn’t worth living anymore, I now want to reinstall Cubase 8. I realize life has moved on and Cubase 8 is already a grandfather, but as I don’t really use it that much, Cubase 8 is more than sufficient for me.
The thing is, Cubase 8 is no longer listed in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

“Nothing a quick google search can’t fix”, I thought, and sure enough, I found the download page, I found Cubase 8, and I downloaded it and installed it.
Imagine my disappointment when I realized I had installed the 32-bit version.
So, I went back to the download page, but was unable to find i different install file than the one I had already downloaded.

This is the point where I’ll admit I’m thinking “Why is this so hard? Why isn’t there just two different links; one for the 32-bit version and one for the 64-bit version.” To me, it just seems so obvious that someone is going to want to download the 64-bit version at some point. But I’m thinking even further: “Why isn’t there an option to click some button to see older versions to download right within the Download Assistant?”

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It would certainly help me sleep better at night, knowing there is some logical explanation for these questions.
Still, that is not the main point here. What I need the most is to do get Cubase 8 LE, 64-bit version. Can anyone please help me?

Many thanks in advance!

I decided to include another question in the same post, just in case some knowledgeable person will look on me in pity and answer this as well. However, feel free to stop reading at this point.

My C: station tends to fill up, no matter what I do, it feels like. Therefore, I’ve decided to install all music related programs on the D: station.
When I installed the 32-bit version of Cubase, it ran just fine, but it said there were “no VST instruments”.
After the reinstall of windows, I now have a new folder hierarchy that I didn’t have before: C:[u]Windows.old[/u]\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content, is one, for instance. In that folder, Groove Agent, HALion and VST Sound can be found, totaling some 3GB.
Could it be as simple as to copy these folder into the folder in which I install Cubase?
Also, I have Dorico 2 Pro, meaning I have the Symphonic Orchestra. Can that be used with Cubase as well?

Any help would be great!
Thank you for reading this far and thank you for any time you take trying to help me! You’re awesome!

its only one installer for 32 or 64 bit version after you accept the license terms it will show 2 boxes where you can choose which version you want to install

the search function is just bad you should go on google instead and put like this “search term”

the other question i am not sure i never tried copying the files i always just reinstalled everything