Can't find a KC for undo Zoom?

In the main editor. Lets say I zoom in a wave file, but now want to go back to the prior zoom position. Cubase has undo zoom, zoom mem/zap etc.

I’m sure I’m overlooking something here. Thanks in advance!

WaveLab has undo/redo for zoom, scrolling, etc…
See buttons next to undo/redo buttons.

Got it. Thank you.

I searched key commands for “undo” and “zoom” but nothing came up which I thought is really weird.

The answer is navigate backwards/forwards. :unamused:

This is because this function does more than undoing zooming.

In my scenario, that presents a dilemma, hopefully something I’m overlooking. The equivalent in Cubase is “zoom undo”, only undoing the zoom functions, not undoing any other functions.

  1. I start with a .wav but not completely zoomed all the way out. In my example, my .wav file contains 50 songs but I’m only working on the 2nd song.

  2. zoom in on 2nd song to look at just a portion of that 2nd song, and select area I want to focus on.

  3. once i select the focus area, I want to zoom out to the position I was in step 1 above where I’m working on the 2nd song. but I DON’T want to loose the selected focus area. When zoomed out, I still want to see the selected area.

Using the backwards button from the view tab, will erase the selected area before I zoom back out. :cry:
Zooming out completely is not practical, especially if I have for example 50 songs. :cry:

I want to go from the selected zoomed in area to the selected zoomed out area.

In your case, you might want to use View -> Snapshots.
In the Options menu, you can select what you want to restore.

Thank you. I think that may work.