Can't find a part moving function that used ... [solved]

At least I think it used to be In Cubase, but it could have been in some other program?
It could also have been in some pre historic version of Cubase and never survived the SX extinction?

You had a number of Parts or Events on a track, Audio or MIDI, let’s say you had 5 of them.
Now if you moved say Part #3 and put it at the end then Part #4 and #5 somehow moved to the left and was aligned to Part #2 and Part #3 took the place of Part #5.

I know two things:
I have seen this!
It’s not where you intuitively try to search but kind of hidden.

I had this project where this functionality would have been very useful, but I never used it much back then.

Anyone knows what I’m talking about because I don’t :confused: :blush: :laughing:


hehe yeah there it is! thanx man! :sunglasses: